Simvastatin 20 mg

Simvastatin is a medication used in the treatment for high cholesterol levels. The drug is approved for use in children and adults and is often given in a Simvastatin 20 mg initial dose but some patients can be given starting doses of 5 mg tablets to 10 mg of the medication. These doses are often the recommended doses for children, while the recommended doses for adults is 20 mg to 40 mg.

Side Effects of Simvastatin 20 mg

Simvastatin 20 mg side effects are not uncommon but there are some people who take the medication and experience none of the common side effects associated with this drug. Typical side effects you can expect include:

•    Headaches
•    Runny or stuffy nose
•    Weakness
•    Fatigue
•    Muscle pain
•    Tenderness
•    Itching

Severe side effects associated with Simvastatin 20 mg include dark urine, fever, swelling of the face, lips, eyes, and tongue, as well as joint pain and hives. You may also see rashes and blisters, and some users may experience sensitivity to light. These are relatively rare side effects but immediate medical attention is needed if these symptoms manifest. Other individuals who take the medication often report memory loss and temporary cognitive impairment since the brain contains cholesterol. Drastic cholesterol reduction in the brain tends to lead to temporary impairment of mental functions.

It is important to inform your doctor about your current health situation including the medications being taken before taking Simvastatin since the medication can also interact with other medications. It may also affect other medical conditions that you may be suffering from. Those who are pregnant, lactating, or planning on getting pregnant should inform their doctors since they may not be allowed to take the medication. Individuals suffering from kidney disease, liver disease, and hypothyroidism should also consult a physician regarding the medication so that they can prevent Simvastatin 20 mg side effects.

If the patient’s cholesterol level goals are not reached after several weeks, the dosage can be increased. Adults are given an average of 5 to 50 mg of the drug daily. For children the maximum Simvastatin dose is 40 mg. Extra attention is needed when the medication is given to children since they are at a higher risk of suffering from side effects. Although statins like Simvastatin are effective at lowering bad cholesterol levels, side effects become more pronounced the more you take the medication. Dietary control is an important component of the management of cholesterol levels and should be paired with medication.